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Warm, rich colours,
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Painting Service

Whether you’re updating your homes’ look, building your dream home or building a full custom home development, Cathy Nolan Painting has the very best professional painters to get the job done right from the start to the finish. And yes, that does include a complete and thorough clean up, leaving your home – just beautiful.

We have the knowledge of paint for both interior and exterior that comes with many years of research and experience. Proper knowledge and preparation is the key to a job well done. And we are here to answer any and all questions you may have.

Cathy Nolan Painting provides a “Level 5” finish on each and every job we do, as determined by the Master Paint Institute. We have built our reputation on excellence, service and professionalism.

Painting Considerations

Exterior Painting Advice
If your exterior paint is flaking or chipping, don’t wait until next year. You should get your home painted right away, as the deterioration of your wood accelerates dramatically once the paint is damaged.

The costs of preparation and the amount of paint needed will be significantly more next year than it is this year.

In the wet climate of the Sunshine Coast of BC, weather puts certain demands on the exterior paint of your home; for long lasting results, it is best to use a professional painting crew that has expert knowledge in the proper preparation and the correct application.

We use Low “VOC” interior and exterior paint and wood products as much as possible. We have a wide array of top quality paints for you to choose from, including low and zero VOC paints. Please let us know if you’d like some assistance with the great many colours, textures and styles to choose from… the possibilities are amazing!