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Fine Wood Finishing for your Home
Wood Finishing
Wood finishing is an art form and it’s what separates an ordinary home from an extraordinary home.

Proper knowledge and preparation is the key to a job well done.

Cathy Nolan Painting can handle any type of interior or exterior wood finishing request… whether you’d like a rustic look, a stressed look, a delicate fine finish or any type of style or colour.

We go the extra mile when staining wood.

For wood that has been exposed to heavy moisture, due to the way it was stored before being built or just being exposed to the elements – mould spores can be present in the wood which then appear beneath the finish when the conditions present themselves.

Cathy Nolan Painting will sand the wood and then apply a TSP/bleach solution to kill any mould spores. Next, we’ll let it dry thoroughly and then test the moisture levels with a moisture meter – until the moisture content is 10 percent or less before applying the wood stain. Wood that comes kiln dried or stored in a dry place does not need to be washed.

You can count on our team of professionals to make the wood in your home complete with lasting beauty.